The Internet is now in virtually every household and is used as a tool that connects with people and sells products. Far more than traditional stores, the world of ecommerce has created great revenue for businesses online. Some of these businesses may already have brick and mortar stores, but they want the option to expand their product to a wider range of people so they go online. However, for a first-timer in the world of ecommerce, it can seem overwhelming because you’re trying to be a part of a club that has many members. So, how can you make your product appear to be better than the rest? You must utilize search engine optimization (SEO).


What is selling?

Whether you’re selling multiple products or just one unique product, utilizing SEO is your best option for marketing your product and producing lasting results. First, you must start by researching keywords related to the product you’re selling in order to find the best words to accurately describe your product. To do this, you can use tools like Google Adwords Keyword toll to assist you in accurately researching keywords for your product description. You will most likely find at least one keyword that is the most widely used and will have lots of competition for. Then you will find a few more keywords that work will for your product description, but are not as popular as the first keyword. The second set of keywords will not have as much competition as the first keyword, but you will be able to utilize all of them. All of these keywords will be incorporated into your website description of your product.

There is a high value placed on having a good, or better than good, product description for your website. You want to make sure it is described accurately, with a hint of creativity. This is the best way to utilize SEO to draw in more customers to your product. The descriptions for your product must be clear and accurate, and explain to the customer why choosing your product would be the best choice for them. This is when having a large amount of applicable keywords for your product comes in. Otherwise known as keyword density, when doing your website and product descriptions you should allow for one keyword per every 100 words.

Local vs. Global Advertising

Let’s talk shipping. Do you have a product that can easily be shipped anywhere in the world or is it too delicate and expensive to ship and you want to make it only available to local customers? These are questions you must ponder before you dive into the world of ecommerce to sell your product. So that it does not become too much to handle, you must first consider you target audience. Would you like to only target those in your area, or would you like to expand and make your product available to people in all geographical areas. Knowing your target audience will greatly affect what strategy you take with SEO.

For instance, if the product you are selling is a delicate piece of jewelry that needs to include shipping insurance, then making it available to all geographical areas would turn out to be a rather big expense to ship when you consider global shipping costs. However, if you chose to make your jewelry available to only local customers, customers in your area and near your address, then you can include shipping insurance with your shipping cost without it being too much money for the customer to pay just to receive their item. In this situation, you would want your keyword research criteria to be limited to the United States only, find out the popular trends in your city, and ensure that the search engines link your site with your location by giving your full address. Also, be sure to keep your product information up-to-date and register your site with online services like Yahoo! or bookmarking sites such as Digg or Reddit.

The flip side to this would be if you are a company that has many offices worldwide and would like to expand even more by going global online. You would then need to make sure that your keyword research is done globally, place links on websites linked to all countries, and perhaps advertising your product in a variety of languages.

Differentiating Your Business

Like a red dress in a sea of black dresses, you must work hard to ensure that your business stands out better than the competition. You must acknowledge that you have competition and they are working just as hard to make sure their business stands out as well. So what will your strategy be? Well, you must make your business and your product an easily recognizable name. People will not by a product from a company that has not been established as a reputable and popular business. Creative advertising will be your best bet in ensuring your create a name for yourself and a loyal clientele. Increasing your PageRank by creating links to your site and in turn increasing your place in the search engine results page is a great place to start. From doing these links you can grow your product through articles put into directories about your business. In doing this you are building your brand.

Having a high rank in search engine results is a great accomplishment, but it is not the only key to success. There must be more that your business offers to its customers in order to keep them coming back to purchase your product. This is where creative incentives come in. These incentives may include things like money-back guarantees, or free shipping after a dollar amount of purchases, buy one get one free offers, or even donating a portion of their sales to charity. These types of offers will peak the interests of your customers and entice them not only to make an initial purchase but keep them coming back for subsequent purchases. This is the power of digital marketing in Richmond working in your favor.